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We are not like every other treatment center. We care about YOUR LIFE! We take extra steps to get your life where you want it to be, some examples are. We offer treatment that includes family counseling to help rebuild damaged relationships. Your treatment plan will have peer supporters that help you achieve the life goals you set, like applying for college or getting a new ID.

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A PHP program is also known as a partial hospitalization program. A PHP program is when you attend group during the day at a facility and live at the treatment’s housing or housing affiliated with the PHP program. PHP is a hybrid between an inpatient level of care and an IOP program.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a treatment option that acts as part of a step-down program from inpatient residential care or Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). Patients are ready for a less intensive level of care than inpatient and PHP, yet need a higher level of intervention than general outpatient groups, and are committed to maintaining their sobriety and participating in the recovery community.

Sobriety is not a single action, but rather a continuous chain of actions and decisions made throughout a recovering alcoholic’s life. Many in recovery find that sobriety is hardest to maintain early in the process, and gradually grows easier as new habits, relationships, and routines are formed.

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"I had a severe drinking problem that led to severing relationships, pissing away my money, and my time and life were dedicated only to booze. I made a call to Evolve and they took me in right away. They gave me the treatment and care I needed to sober up and become the person I truly am without the chains of addiction. Thank you for always being there for me and never giving up!"
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It is the mission of Evolve Behavioral Health to enrich and enhance the lives of our clients by providing client-centered treatment for substance use disorders in a comfortable therapeutic environment.

Recovery Didn’t Open The Gates Of Heaven And Let Me In. Recovery Opened The Gates Of Hell And Let Me Out!

Frequently Asked Questions

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When it comes to drug and alcohol addiction, it’s difficult to be objective and admit you have a problem. If substance abuse is causing negative effects in your life, it’s time to take a closer look and come to terms with the fact that you might have an addiction. Once you can accept that, you’re already on the path to recovery. The next step is to decide how to get sober.

The truth of the matter is ninety percent of all addicts who attempt outpatient rehab will fail and will relapse either during the program or shortly thereafter. There simply isn’t a significant amount of structure and proper balance of therapies at an outpatient treatment center to keep a recovering addict on the straight and narrow. Furthermore, there is no security whatsoever, and one can easily go abuse drugs and alcohol at any time of the day or night that he or she is not in session at the outpatient treatment center.

We provide a simple and easy admissions process. Call our admissions team to get started with your enrollment or fill out the form at the bottom of our page. A member of our team will contact you with more information.

YES! Call us today to start your recovery.

Yes, we also have sober living houses available for you to stay at during your treatment.

We are like family, our staff genuinely cares, our clients come first, and the connections you make here will last for life.

Yes, if you want, we’ll need you to sign a release form, but then we can share updates on your treatment and other important information the will want to know.

At this time we do not have treatment options for minors.

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We take personal responsibility for ensuring the highest standards of professional conduct with each other and with our clients.

We take personal responsibility for ensuring the highest standards of professional conduct with each other and with our clients.

We take personal responsibility for ensuring the highest standards of professional conduct with each other and with our clients.

We are committed to building and sustaining effective and harmonious relationships and connections with others in order to achieve mutually beneficial objectives.

We view change as an exciting opportunity and embrace opportunities to acquire new knowledge and learn new skills.

We are committed to providing accessible and relevant service to our clients in the communities where they live


We are here to assist help you succeed with your recovery.

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